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To further the mission of the US Department of State, Art in Embassies (AIE) operates within a framework of six regions: Africa, the Near East, Europe and Eurasia, Western Hemisphere, East Asia and the Pacific, and South and Central Asia. AIE staff curate temporary exhibitions for US Ambassadors’ residences and permanent collections for new US embassies within each region. Our team of professional curators cultivates and maintains partnerships with thousands of artists, museums, collectors, universities, galleries and foundations worldwide, to ensure that artists are compelling and the exhibitions/collections are engaging, informative, and relevant for the intended audience.

The exhibitions and collections begin with study of the host country, involvement in space design, and/or review of the floor plans identifying potential art locations and collaborative projects.

The exhibitions and collections include original works of art by US and host country artists, which complement the architecture and interior design of the designated representational spaces. Other considerations shape the selection as well. The choice of art has to be compatible with the values of the host country and reflect the artistic range and cultural values of both countries.  The work has to be transportable, and the site has to be secure. Multi-lingual documentation provides context for both exhibitions and collections, offerings insight into the artists’ motivation for their work.

Art in Embassies covers the cost of crating, shipping, installation and insurance for both exhibitions and collections. A registrar professionally trained in the field of fine art handling, logistics and conservation works in tandem with each curator to arrange for pickup, consolidation, and delivery. Every step of the way, careful consideration is given to handling and maintaining the artwork.

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