Darrell Anderson

“When I was seven, the art teacher for my school district asked to borrow a drawing of a tree I had done to use as an example to take around to other schools. I never saw that drawing again but still have an image of it in my head. After that, I kept drawing, using comic book imagery until the lure of photography took over. I immersed myself in it eventually, doing work semi-professionally and teaching.

As enjoyable as it was, I felt something was missing and it wasn’t until I again picked up a pencil that I felt satisfied and at home. The directness and honesty of pencil or pen on paper presents, for me, a truth about my view of the world.

Painting in a variety of mediums was a natural addition to drawing, and that led eventually to drawing with markers having various shades of gray. They are a fast way to study possibilities for paintings before committing to a canvas. Now I enjoy them for the drawings they can do and the rapidity with which they can do them. I even like that my mistakes hang out there for all to see. Pure honesty.

Woven into that brief art history are professional “day jobs,” raising a family, going to school, and all the other things that fill our lives. Through it all, however, has been the unrelenting silent current of making Art.

I now produce works regularly, teach classes and workshops, and have a great time turning a blank page or canvas into something appealing and attractive for the eye.”

Darrel Anderson lives, paints, and conducts workshops on Bainbridge Island WA.