Irina Eldarova

Irina Eldarova (B. 1955, Moscow) lives and works in Baku and London

Irina Eldarova – artist, illustrator, graduate of Saint-Petersburg State Academy after Repin (1975-79) and Moscow State Institute after V.I.Surikov (1980-82), where she was studying at the course of Boris Deksterev. Irina’s creative work includes not only painting and graphic design, but development of a large scale publishing projects in Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In 2007 the artist has been awarded with the prize for the Best Media Project, granted by the Kazakhstan Journalists Union. Irina Eldarova is the author of monumental marble panel fixed at Khalglar Dostlugu metro station in Baku. The sphere of artist’s professional interests covers photography, video art and journalism. She developed a design project that included monumental marble reliefs for the underground station Halglar Dostlugu in Baku. Eldarova also works with photography, video art, journalism and teaches photo design at Western University in Baku.

Source – YAY Gallery