John Running

“The instinct to create things started early for me, in my parents’ art studio where they published and sold artwork nationally. I was surrounded by paper and paints together with artsy people making all sorts of imaginative things every day. It just seemed like a natural environment in which to grow up.

My father taught me, “If you want something truly unique, create it yourself.” Most of my life has been spent doing just that. Another lesson was to take pride in my craftsmanship. I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with new methods and materials to present traditional themes in unusual and exciting ways.

When I opened my own studio 25 years ago, I worked with a variety of mediums to accomplish my creative goals, including cast paper, clay, glass, metals, fibers, leather, wood, resins, and stone. I was soon producing an ongoing series of original designs in addition to one-of-a-kind and limited edition wall art for several galleries and stores around the country. They appreciate my casually-elegant style enhanced by the use of dramatic textures and dimension.

In addition to my own art I am sometimes enticed to work on specialized projects and commissioned pieces. These have included petroglyph rock art replicas for museums, an extensive project creating dozens of faux-alabaster lamp globes for the gardens at Hearst Castle, a few outdoor sculptures, award-winning trade show exhibits, plus numerous custom and personalized designs for several organizations, friends, and clients.

Many years ago I started working more extensively with metal and got hooked on all the challenges as well as creative possibilities. Layering earthy materials and various metals together with flame-cut, hand-shaped designs and adornments allows me to produce dramatic one-of-a-kind designs, large and small, that can be appreciated for generations to come. I have been fortunate over the years to work with many fine galleries, stores, and individuals who continue to motivate me to create distinctive designs and limited editions that will inspire and appeal to collectors and first-time viewers.” – John Running