Page Allen

“Page Allen’s art is firmly centered in the tradition of … early American modernists. Since pompous exagerrations of scale- in art, inspiritual aspiration, and in the way that nature is regarded- are now characteristic of our culture, she has chosen her ancestors with particular care. Her art provides a useful, as well as an inspiring, model of how we might respond to the natural world. While her work is certainly rhapsodic, for example, it never seems to depend upon overselling or exaggeration. There is an undercurrent of melancholy that gives measure to her rhapsody.”

– Mark Stevens writes for Vanity Fair, New York Magazine and is the author, with Annalyn Swan, of De Kooning, a Biography

Page Allen is known for abstract landscape, oceans, monotype and currently lives in New Mexico, Illinois. Allen was born in St. Charles, Illinois in 1951. After studying at Princeton University, she completed her bachelor’s degree at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1974 and her master’s degree at Northern Illinois University at DeKalb in 1980.