Richard Lopez

“My personal perception of life around me is one of constant cadence and rhythm. I am fascinated by the struggle and challenge to create a balance between the spiritual and physical in my work. Over the years I have attempted to express these aspects through the use of color, gesture, and through contrasting lights and darks.

My process is both immediate and receptive to transformation. As a result, my work is both reflection and expression in that I do not plan a painting, but instead allow myself to be found within it as it occurs. At times, a piece initiates with a certain idea and subsequently adapts into something much different. It is in these transcendent moments that I find myself in that special place where inspiration rings clearly and purely.

Among these experiences, external impressionable influences range from contemporary artists such as Howard Hodgkins, Joan Mitchel and Wolf Kahn to historical figures such as Juan MirĂ³, Monet’s late period works, William Turner and Vincent Van Gogh.”