Alberta Marana

Alberta Marana is an award winning artist whose work has been featured in regional and national exhibitions over the past twenty years. Born and raised in Chisholm, Minnesota, Alberta graduated from Hamline University in 1973 with a degree in Art and Sociology. She pursued a professional career in social work until 1981 when she decided to continue her art career at home while raising her family. Alberta earned her Master of Arts Degree in Studio Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Superior in 1995.

Although her focus was oils and sculpture early in her career, Alberta has been painting with pastels for the past twenty years. The medium allows her mobility and the ability to interrupt her work and return to it at a later time. She likes the immediate results achieved with pastels as well as the ease of working on more than one pastel painting at a time. Alberta frequently works on location, an experience she finds very inspiring and peaceful. As she travels the region, Alberta also takes many photographs of the magnificent landscape, which she uses to inspire her studio work.