Arne Quinze

Arne Quinze was born in Belgium and lives and works in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium. In the eighties he began working as a graffiti artist, and the urge to express himself artistically dates from this period, but he never finished an official art education. Quinze creates large and small sculptures, drawings, paintings, and large-scale installations. Smaller works, sketches, and drawings are the basis and research for his large installations. Recurring fundamentals in his oeuvre are the use of multiple types of wood, including salvaged wood; electrical colors in fluorescent paint (yellow, orange, and black); and themes referring to social interaction, communication, rhythm, and the interplay of lines.

What drives Quinze is the belief in the possible realization of an idealistic society where all individuals communicate and interact. Neglecting our human needs, we live in an era where direct social interaction has been almost completely diminished to non-existent. Quinze aims to bring people together and push them into a vigorous dialogue. In his work, communal activities flourish and social cohesion is the norm. His installations are built to provoke reaction and to intervene in the daily life of passersby confronted with his sculptures.

In every culture Quinze comes across, he unravels physical processes, drawing inspiration for his oeuvre, and is fueled by overwhelming optimism. Besides building architectural sculptures, he creates complex art pieces and video installations inscribing his vision in society of how people see themselves and society in the present and future.

Quinze is an obsessive collector of used materials, which he recycles to give their lines new life in the manifestation of his vision. In editing what he has found, he redefines the layers and textures in his compositions. He aspires to improve the original imperfections in his quest to create the perfect line even when he knows this line might not ever exist. Every new creative breed in present-day society captures his imagination and influences his research and study on interaction, urbanity movement, speed, and light. Quinze scans a city in a blink of an eye and is able to divulge the ongoing rhythm expressing the continuously evolution of human beings and their surroundings. But above all, Arne Quinze tries to evoke communication and human interaction.