Casimir Rutkowski

Casimir John (Kelly) Rutkowski Long Island Landscape Artist was born in Erie. He worked for 8 years with the Federal Aviation Association in radar maintenance. Eventually his passion for art took over and he left that job to dedicate his life to art. He held several art positions, including teaching at the National Academy of Design in New York and artist-in residence at Westark College in Fort Smith, Arkansas. His real love was landscape painting which occupied most of his time and heart. His works, capturing images of changing light and season, are parts of permanent art collections at Notre Dame University, The Parrish Art Museum and The Long Island Museum, Stoney Brook. His landscapes are featured in a book by Ronald Pisano, Long Island Landscape Paintings. He has won awards for his art from the National Endowment for the Arts, Guild Hall Museum, Parrish Art Museum and the National Academy of Design in N.Y.