Gregory Lomayesva

Greg son of Maria Cash was born in 1971 his heritage is very distinctive. His mother is Hispanic and father Hopi. From these two very rich cultures emerged a unique artistic talent that embraces painting and sculpture to success in composting music. Greg’s folk art styled wood objects draw from a complete assimilation of many aspects of life and fantasy combined. The Kachina styled figures are representative of his Hopi roots but not representative of actual Kachina figures. The feathers used are molted parrot feathers that add rich coloration to each work. Cars, motorcycles, scooters and wagons with wild whimsical riders make Greg’s pieces truly fun with a wonderful folk art flare.

Artist Statement:

I don’t identify myself too much with either culture because I don’t want to be pigeon-holded. I think that doing art based on ethnicity limits the playing field, so I try to express myself as an artist whose playing field is the world.