Janis Goodman

“The work is a response to natural forces, things outside
our control and that which we do affect. Image
wise, the work focuses on the importance of water,
the constancy of tides, man’s intervention and sustainability.
I additionally use the current images as a means to
explore more personal issues of time passage, silent
observation and memory. The work is based on observation
as well as recollection; it is defined by the
real and the constructed.
Travels to Asia and studies of Eastern traditions in
landscape painting and religion were significant in
developing the current body of work.
The drawings and paintings are a conversation
around gesture, the mark and the symbolic nature of
visual language. They are used to describe as well as
suggest; change, constancy, and rhythm.”
Janis Goodman was born in New York City. She holds
a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens College, New
York, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from George
Washington University, Washington, D.C., with additional
studies at the Corcoran College of Art + Design,
Washington, D.C., and Pratt Graphics Center,
New York City. She has participated in numerous
exhibitions throughout the United Sates, as well as
in Germany, Italy, Japan, Peru, Russia, and The Netherlands.
Her work can be found in several private and
public collections, including the Corcoran Gallery of
Art, Washington, D.C.; the Mississippi Museum of Art,
Jackson; and the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin
College, Ohio.
image courtesy of Darrow Montgomery