Wendell Minor

Wendell Minor has said, ‘A picture invites the viewer into it and offers a sense of mystery. It lets the viewer become part of the process. A good picture, like a good story, is timeless.’ The timelessness of Minor’s art begins when he gets an idea or insight that he wants to create and with his editor, he finds an author who share his sensibilities and interest in a particular subject. When Minor begins researching a subject, he often travels to get a clear sense of what he is portraying. He enjoys being out in “the field” observing his subjects and gaining the inspiration he needs to create good composition, value, color and texture. The works he feels closest to are his illustrations for children’s books. Minor loves bringing scenes of the natural world to children. ‘If we lose touch with nature,’ he has said, ‘then we lose touch with ourselves.’

Image courtesy of Gordon Trice ©