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Collections and Exhibitions

Promoting Public Diplomacy through the Visual Arts

Temporary Exhibitions

With a mission of cross-cultural exchange, Art in Embassies’ curators work with ambassadors to create temporary exhibitions for the representational spaces of U.S. embassy residences. Exhibitions coincide with an ambassadors’ term and, as with AIE collections, AIE exhibitions are intended to serve as tools of cultural diplomacy.

Permanent Collections

Installed in newly built diplomatic facilities, the permanent collections include original works of art and site-specific commissions of American and host country artists. These culturally specific, cohesive collections complement the building’s architecture and interior design, create work environments that foster dialogue, and provide platforms for cultural outreach.

Artists from around the world who have exhibited with Art in Embassies
A comprehensive archive of press articles, videos and podcasts
Artists engaging in cultural dialogue beyond the walls of the mission
Multi-lingual publications highlighting the Art in Embassies collections