American Institute Taiwan READ MORE The permanent collection of Art in Embassies for The American Institute in Taiwan featuring interviews with artists and an overview of the collection. Bennington College - Art In Embassies Oslo READ MORE Art in Embassies entered a four-year partnership with Bennington College to create an outdoor commission for the new U.S Embassy in Oslo, Norway, starting in 2014. Installed and dedicated in the fall of 2018, the project highlights our ties to this changing ecosystem and seeks to encourage dialogue through our common bonds, concerns, and successes. Alma Allen Nuevo Laredo installation READ MORE Follow the journey of this Art in Embassies project from the artist’s studio in Mojave desert, to a foundry deep in Mexico City, to its final home at the US Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Portal was conceived in the United States and constructed and installed in Mexico, following the artist’s own move... We The People by Mark Bradford video READ MORE We the People is a site-specific painting by Los Angeles artist Mark Bradford created for the new U.S. Embassy in London.

“…The Art in the Embassies program is based upon the belief that it is important for Embassies of the United States to reflect current and traditional culture of this country in an effective manner.”

Congressional Record 1965

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