“Art can allow dialogue on sensitive topics that are difficult to address through direct confrontation. My artwork looks at climate change and the impact of burning fossil fuels. Addressing these topics may be seen as sensitive or critical of governments when presented through protest or litigation, but art can sometimes help open up discussion in a nonconfrontational and more productive manner.”

– Monica Jahan Bose

Monica Jahan Bose

In early 2024, American artist Monica Jahan Bose traveled to Bangladesh for a series of cultural diplomacy programs through the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka. Her outreach helped the Embassy there connect with the people of Bangladesh through artist talks, hands-on workshops, and one-on-one conversations centered around topics of climate change, gender, and social justice.

LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
Project TypeArtist Exchange
Master Classes
Climate Change

Over the course of her stay, Jahan Bose worked with a variety of audiences. She led an interactive session with artists, art students, and curators at Dhaka University; opened a show at local gallery Aloki; and participated in a roundtable with aspiring artists from marginalized communities, in addition to holding a workshop and meeting with press. Media coverage, including television and newspaper, further amplified her message beyond those who engaged with her directly.

Bangladeshi Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Saber Hossain Chowdhury attended Jahan Bose’s exhibition and discussed the pivotal role of artists in raising climate change awareness. He also reaffirmed the United States-Bangladesh shared commitment to reducing the impacts of climate change. Guests at the exhibition were invited to inscribe their personal climate pledges on saris, creating a tangible connection between the audience and the artist’s work. While in Dhaka, Jahan Bose also conducted a Climate Sari Workshop, part of a series of collaborative projects in which local women work alongside her to do woodblock prints on saris.

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