Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell transforms rooms into camera obscuras “in order to photograph the strange and delightful meeting of the outside world with the room’s interior.” To set up the room for the photograph, he creates total darkness by covering the windows with black plastic, leaving only a small hole that allows an inverted image of the view outside to project onto the back walls. He then uses a large-format camera to take a photo. He and his assistants have gone further and designed a light-proof tent, “which can project views of the surrounding landscape, via periscope-type optics, onto the surface of the ground inside the tent. Within this darkened space, like in the indoor rooms, he uses a camera to record the sandwich of these two outdoor realities meeting on the ground. Depending on the quality of the surface terrain, these views can take on a variety of painterly effects.” This “tent camera” allows him to use the camera obscura technique almost anywhere.

Source: Krakow Witkin Gallery

Headshot courtesy of the artist