Andrea Pellicani

The solar pieces are made to build a bridge between art and natural energy sources such as solar and wind power. They depict natural elements through the use of color, sound and movement. I create them by being in nature, absorbing the natural settings with all my emotions and senses. Next, I begin compressing my memories of the organic objects and translating them into abstracted forms made with transparent colors or glazes.

All moving parts are powered by either the sun or the wind. These particular pieces are constructed of some recycled wood. Multiple layers of glazes are applied to give depth and dimension to the color and forms. Solar driven motors are then mounted in the paintings and attached to solar panels or wind turbines. These are placed in the sun or with a directed light. The motors then drive the spinning parts. The installation may be viewed as still, moving slowly, or moving quickly. As the motion increases, the colors within the forms blend and change. The moving parts themselves create a sound like the wind. Music, voices or other noises are often added.