Brenda Cirioni

Brenda Cirioni is an American painter whose work is heavily inspired by her love of nature.

Her lyrical abstractions are painted as instinctive interactions with the materials, as well as an expression of the inner workings of her mind and spirit.

Her paintings are characterized by her attention to surface and a sense of touch, and her compositions touch upon ideas such as impermanence, transformation, regeneration, in an uncertain world.

She’s exhibited in the Danforth, deCordova, Fitchburg, Berkshire and Attleboro Arts Museum.

Her paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections across the US, UK, and Hong Kong.

She received her education from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, MA, through the Diploma Program and the Fifth-Year Certificate Program.

Cirioni is represented by Renjeau Galleries in Natick, MA, Three Stones Gallery in MA, and Portland Art Gallery in Portland, ME