Bruce Marsh

My paintings of the past several years comprise many related threads. They are both single and composite landscapes: Florida landscapes both pristine and in the process of development, and a number of recent landscapesfrom the high desert and canyon country of Utah

In simplest terms all the work is an extension of my lifelong interest in the processes of perception and representation. The places involve large expanses of horizontal space, a clarity of light, and the chaos of surface incident that serves to measure the expanse of the places. Color is also of critical importance, as I seek to invent means to invoke atmosphere, space, and shifting sources of light.

There are inevitable and unbidden changes and inventions that occur as the images develop, and I’ve come to realize that I am an idealist as I cobble up the skies and the palette of light, and the sometimes obsessive weaving of the surface, which constitute these synthesized worlds. The sites are places of order and endless variety; and hold a fascination for me. I am also interested in the history of places, and choose sites with clues to recent and ancient narratives.

During trips to Utah, I have become extremely interested in the problem of painting directly and quickly onsite. I attempt to find the means to embody the fact that these paintings are concerned with the act of seeing, rather than with documenting or celebrating the wonders of nature. The act of trying to deal with the complex and fugitive nature of seeing a place is both a challenge and a source of intense physical and intellectual engagement for me. I value the experience as much or more than the painting produced.