Byungjoo Kim

A space is built. Byung-joo Kim focuses on the issues of a space and a boundary. His space is not the one that creates the concept of the inside and the outside and has the meaning of isolation, but the one that pulls down the boundary between the inside and the outside and creates the co-existence. Paying attention to a building that has the attitude of ‘non-revealing’, the artist tries to ‘reveal’ the object in his work.
Byung-joo Kim implicatively presents a three-dimensional structure in the two-dimensional viewpoint, and therefore creates a new dimensional space. The structure has its width and height, but does not include a sense of volume. Its spaces overlay each other and collide with each other, and in so doing, they create a new space. In addition, the boundary between the inside and the outside in his space is ambiguous. The structure does not separate the inside from the outside, but connects one thing to another. Therefore, structures created by Byung-joo Kim create boundaries, and at the same time, dismantle them.
The space created by Byung-joo Kim suggests the world unfamiliar to us, helping us to expand the scope of our recognition.