Charly Heavenrich

“Everybody knows about the Grand Canyon, but few really know this majestic natural wonder as I do. As a raft guide in the Canyon since 1978 with over a hundred river trips, I’ve been privileged to share its grandeur, beauty and ever- changing face with my passengers. My mission is to “share the Canyon Experience with the world.” Welcome to the real Grand Canyon.”

“The first photograph I ever took was published. I was in the fourth grade. On the way to school, I saw an accident at the end of my block. I ran home, got my mom’s Brownie Hawkeye camera, and took a shot that included a car pushed broadside against a telephone pole by a second car, the police car, ambulance, paramedic tending to an injured driver, and bystanders. It ended up in the local paper. I didn’t pick up a camera for the next seventeen years, until my brother gave me his Minolta SRT100. I started with available light candids of my friends and family, and set up a dark room with another brother. In 1971, I went on a photographic trip with a Life Magazine photographer and began my career in color landscapes, and then added macro photography after my girlfriend gave me a bellows for Christmas. In 1978, I rafted the Grand Canyon for the first time, and fell in loveā€¦ with the Canyon. My images: landscapes, reflections, clouds, rainbows, lightning, people, flora and fauna, and white water, reflect my heart connection with the Canyon. I consider it a great gift when people choose one of my images to hang in their homes and their offices. I am available for commissions and have many Grand Canyon and nature images, including flora, wildlife, rapids scenes and sequences, reflections, landscapes and more.”

In addition to his work as a photographer, Charly is also an author, speaker and transition guide/life coach. He helps people explore and discover where they want to be and how to get there. Charly Heavenrich is the Chief Photographer of a very successful coffee table book, Grand Canyon: A Different View, currently in its seventh printing. He has also produced a stunning DVD slide show: Spirit of the Canyon: A River Journey Through Time. Charly’s images are also displayed in his book, Dancing on the Edge: A Veteran River Guide Shares the Life Changing Power of the Grand Canyon. You can see more of Charly’s images and learn about his other services at his website: