Christopher Myers

A life-long Baltimorean, Chris received his Bachelor’s degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in 1994. Since, he has concentrated on fine art and editorial photography and has received several grants. His work has been exhibited extensively on the east coast and is in the collection of the Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Iceland.

“My objective is to create images that explore the world around me and to process them into a visual language. I am not interested in making images of the obvious or the content heavy. Rather than present the entire subject, I find it much more revealing to begin with elements of the subject. I use fragments, gestures and remains, which become my visual vocabulary. These smaller pieces of information engage the viewer in a search to decipher meaning. My work is less about final meaning and more about the process of discovery.”

“Photography has commonly been considered the art of representing a single moment in time. However, the camera can be used as a more discursive tool. For example, to eliminate the static quality of the traditional image, I employ several techniques–compiling images into diptychs to expand the representation of time, chemical degeneration of negatives to add an additional layer of personal vision, and rejection of the typical rectangular format for a unique circular lens to vignette and give the image an otherworldly quality.”