Connie Glowacki

Sometimes the beauty at hand shouts to us for recognition, more often it is subtle, waiting to be recognized. Other times it is we who must create the beauty from within ourselves, enlivening a white sheet of paper, by following the color, tome, and design of the media as the creation leads us to its completion.

My goal in drawing and painting is to transport the viewer of my work to a special time and place, a place of beauty and insight, which is often fleeting because of the changing effects of light.

I seek images which stir memories of an aroma, a sound, or a touch from our personal experiences. The rumble of a waterfall, the spray of waves crashing, the sun’s warmth on our face, or the fragrance of a flower are brought back through my art.

Watercolor is my favorite medium because of its fast drying quality, its wide adaptability to various painting techniques, and its ease in blending, which leads to unplanned delightful colors. Although I love to draw, the color adds excitement and defines many moods in subjects. It remains a challenge to select a technique which portrays a subject at its best.

I am a vessel , distilling the composition through my personality and pouring it out on a surface for other people to reflect upon.

My final goal in painting is to show a time and place which enriches the viewer’s life, restores positive values, informs of something new, and gives a feeling of awe and joy!

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