Dagny Myrah

The Wisconsin landscape is my inspiration. I grew up across the street from the Wisconsin landscape artist, Marshall Glacier. It may be that the time I spent in his studio as a child encouraged me to become an landscape artist. As a life long resident of Wisconsin, I cannot help but feel alarmed at the large numbers of houses and developments that are engulfing the rural landscape. I hope to preserve some of my favorite rural views through my paintings. Sometimes I can see a familiar view in a new way that inspires a painting. A tree may appear orange from the sun as it is setting and since color is one of my strongest interests, this is a time of day I often look for inspiration.

In this show many of my paintings concentrate on life here in the Madison area. This year I have added human figures to some of my compositions (“Morning Farmer’s Market” and “No Lifeguard On Duty”, the beach at Vilas Park the first day it is officially closed.) Pheasant Branch Conservancy is now my backyard and naturally the beauty of this wild life area has also attracted me. (” Pheasant Branch Creek” and “Lonesome Trees”.)

For over twenty years I have worked at Westwing Studios in Verona, which is located a the Dane County hospital Badger Prairie Health Care Center. At Westwing Studios the artists spend time working with the residents of the hospital in exchange for studio space.

This arrangement between artists and government might be unique in the United States.