Diane Punteri

After working as the director of a gallery on the plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico, then as owner of her own Gallery, Three Feathers International Gallery of Fine Arts, Diane returned after twenty years to painting, the love of her life.

Diane and her family moved to Tuscany, Italy in 1994 and stayed until 2003. She showed her works and entered competitions throughout Italy, always mindfull of her native american roots in New Mexico.

Diane loves to paint en plein air (a French term meaning “open air”). “I love to take my French easel and set up ourdoors on location,” says Diane. “My work reflects emotions depicted in the colors I use.” There is a depth of color and true earth-bound simplicity in Diane’s paintings. She is always mindful of the “wholeness” of the finished piece. Natural light is another key factor. She is always mindful of the color and form of her native roots and the solicitation of awe for the wonderful landscapes she depicts of the vastness of depth she loves to portray!

Diane lives in Northern California with her italian husband and three sons.

Communication from the artist: October, 2006