Elizabeth Carrington

Elizabeth Porritt Carrington is an Irish born eco- contemplative artist. She is settled in Asheville North Carolina where she works from her studio in the River Arts District. Her work is inspired by her relationships to landscape, their stories and people, her archaeological work in the French Pyrenees and her deep curiosity and inquiry of the experience of being human. Elizabeth explores the boundaries of the real and imagined, expressing the often unspoken miracles of our aliveness by fortifying their color, light, and form in a liberated palette.

” It is the crossing of vital points that I focus my work, the beginnings and the ending of days, seasons, lives. It is at the great threshold’s that I have felt most aware of being. Giving birth to my daughter and standing by those loved ones who have died. I have been given a critical and lasting sense of the tender vividness of our
actuality. My work is an effort not to forget the gift of life for a moment or fully experience being in this natural world. My paintings are windows of canvas, wood, and paper. If they can evoke or inspire a moment’ s rest on the majesty of the world, they have done their job well”.

Elizabeth graduated from the Centre for Creativity and the Arts in Galway, Ireland with a first class BFA in 2002. She was soon teaching and working as a studio artist, community artist, and facilitator. Elizabeth has won awards for her studio work, as a community artist and travel grants for research as well as Artist’s residencies. Having worked with institutions and in community, teaching concept development, engaging with creativity and life drawing, Elizabeth has served as visual coordinator for festivals as well as for improving access to the Arts in rural areas.

Elizabeth teaches seasonal classes in Asheville and Ireland in eco contemplative art, an approach to creating art in and with the natural world. Elizabeth has exhibited in Ireland, France, and the U.S. Her work can be found in galleries, educational institutions, cultural centers, in private collections internationally and in her studio in the River Arts District of Asheville. You are welcome to arrange a visit there and see what she is making or teaching.

Elizabeth is presently working on a series of large oil paintings on canvas entitled Anú’s Call.