Ellen Baer

Ellen Baer’s work evolved from her experiences as a child near Buffalo, New York. Lake Erie, Niagra Falls and fossil-rich shale beds, and the weather in that area fascinated her, and led to her interest in natural processes, such as erosion, sedimentation and freezing and thawing. The forces of nature such as gravity, layering, heat and wind are used to create the work. Her paintings explore the edge between the conscious and the unconscious mind by working with materials in an intuitive way. Through the use of amorphous imagery and ambiguous space her work signifies feelings of uncertainty in a world which cannot be fully understand through our senses. Use of subtle changes in color which create soft harmonies or quiet dissidence represents knowledge that can come from things that are just barely perceived. In her work she contemplates upon the beauty of the ephemeral and the fragile nature of our thoughts, our existence and the natural world.