Emilie Brzezinski

Born in 1932, Emilie Brzezinski started a serious art career in the 70’s with a series of solo shows in Washington DC and in New York. Working in a variety of media, including resin, latex, wood fiber, and wood, her expressive themes always relate to nature. Eventually she focused entirely on monumental wood sculpture, using chain saw and axe to carve forms that took inspiration from the wood she found at mills, gardens, and development sites. Very important to her formation as a sculptor was her involvement in site specific installations, and alternative spaces, and her participation in residencies and symposia in the United States and abroad. In these broadening experiences she was freed from the constraints of gallery, museum, and marketplace and was able to find her personal statement. In the 90s she found her voice in the dialog between the wood medium and her tools. During the last decade she has had museum installations in the United States and she just completed a tour of her installations Forest through the capitals of Eastern Europe from where her family originates.