Fay Peck

Fay Peck was an internationally known painter who spent much of her life in Lake Forest, Illinois and Aspen, Colorado. In her later years, she followed her children to Bozeman, Montana. She has been described as a “painter who combines three rare qualities, painter’s instinct, extraordinary color, sense, and undaunted perseverance. . .Her exuberant work communicates an immediate sensual and spiritual experience of nature. In her large, lush landscapes, we hear the trickle of an Aspen mountain creek; we feel the brush of Midwestern prairie grass. She paints them expansively, laying the oils on board in thick blobs and heavy swashes. Over a long and prolific artistic career, she has mastered multiple mediums. Among her figurative drawings are nudes, enormous and unabashed, yet intimate. Her prints are vital and explore the dynamics of human interaction with an admirable clarity. Her wood cuts are incisive, intense, and absorbing. Fay Peck possesses an innate genius for color and line.” –Fay Peck : American Expressionist, edited by Robin Steele.