Frank Henry Shapleigh

Frank H. Shapleigh was born in Boston and went to study in Paris, France. He painted throughout New England, in St. Augustine, Florida, California, and in Europe. From 1877 to 1894 he was artist-in-residence at the Crawford House. Shapleigh wintered at the Ponce de Leon Hotel, St. Augustine, from 1866 to 1894 where he was an artist-in-residence. After a trip to Europe he built a summer home/art studio in Jackson, New Hampshire. Today Shapleigh is best known for his well-executed White Mountain landscapes which include all of the major tourist attractions and personal, intimate landscapes of New Hampshire. Shapleigh painted Mt. Washington and the other well-known mountains from dozens of different locations. Shapliegh wrote the location of his paintings on the back of the canvas, providing an invaluable record of his works.

Full of Facts and Sentiment: The Art of Frank H. Shapleigh.

Image Courtesy of Bushby and Macurdy, Boston, c. 1884. New Hampshire Historical Society.