Irene Clark

Although I am a born and bred New Yorker, since childhood I have been engrossed with Nature. I began my connection as a dauntless five year old raspberry harvester. In my life as an artist I have filled many different series of paintings, prints, frescoes, and artist books about and with selected subjects and specimens gleaned from Nature. My works concerning the natural world include the Earth as well as beyond this universe. Throughout my studies in geology, anthropology, Egyptology, and environmental sciences, I have sought to expand the artistic statements and formal aspects of my work while always keeping the vision of unifying art and science a primary focus. My scientific path of enquiry also includes studies of several of the New Sciences including the theory of Morphic Resonance.

My paintings have travelled around the world to be on exhibit in seven United States Embassies, always in politically hot climates such as Egypt, Yemen, Panama, and Ethiopia. The three large attached fresco sculptures were shown at the World Conference for Women in China and are currently on line at the World’s Women on Line . Recently I exhibited Chullpa , a large multimedia work at Musee du Pays et Val de Charmey, Switzerland.

My life has taken two clear tracks of artistry. As a performing dancer I have always been fascinated with the body in motion .Although I am trained in several techniques, ballet is the primary form for me as well as my passion. Currently I have turned to Argentine tango for a similar (but never equal!) allure in that dance of elusive fascination. It was inevitable that my drawings would study the figure in motion. That would include of course not only the human figure but many of Nature’s own figures.

As a city slicker I had the opportunity to become an organic gardener long before it became fashionable. I have published several articles on the web. Sadly the company has been bought several times, and so my work is in cyberspace. I have taught gardening as well, and I am the designer of a new rock garden soon to be installed in Union Square Park.