Jan Veitch

“I am strong in believing that the most important focus of an artist is to convey the beautiful outdoors through canvas. While living in Colorado for years, I have spent a great part of my life skiing, hiking, collecting and documenting my fondest memories of our great outdoors. Color excites me and I like to emphasize it. As the result, my paintings are Vibrant in color and shapes with attraction to light. Each piece of my art gives the viewers a very tasteful and discreet perception of my work”.

Jen Veitch was born in Tianjin, China, where she was college educated with an International Finance and Economic degrees. Upon graduation Jen worked for the Bank of China’s international department, focusing on joint ventures with western countries.

Jen was afforded the opportunity to work and live in Dallas, Texas and work for a banks and major oil companies. In 1999 she decided to pursue her dream in creating art and taking care her two young children. Her favorite subjects are beautiful Colorado landscape and peaceful seascape.

At this point in her life, Jen devotes the majority of her time on painting, searching for the best scenery she can see in her travel.