Jane Frenke

Earning undergraduate and graduate degrees
in graphic arts, Jane Frenke worked as a hand
weaver, marketing her clothing from Maine to
Texas through her business Loom Room. Relocating
to Berkeley Springs from New Hampshire in 1999,
she was taken to a quilt guild meeting by one of
the long-time members, Isabella Young, “She told
me to bring my quilts,” remembered Frenke. “I was
self-taught, knew no rules and made quilts only for
myself.” Frenke laughs at the memory of the guild
members’ shocked faces when she presented her
machine stitched, log cabin quilt that had writing
all over it and a center made from gold lame.
“One woman told me the gold lame would not last
200 years. I responded that neither would I. Isabella
just sat there and smirked,” said Frenke.