Joan LaRue

Artistic expression is a skill that is attained by study, practice and observation. Aside from its philosophical concepts, art demonstrates a method by which I can re-create the excitement of nature. My particular style of painting follows the French School of Impressionism. I apply a variety of colors using small strokes in order to simulate reflected light. As a result of my “pursuit of light,” my senses have become fine-tuned. My endorphins usually kick in for the whole experience. As an extension of this experience, I hope that viewers and collectors of my art will also become involved and enriched. My themes and subject matter are limitless. Wherever and whomever I find when, “the bear goes over the mountain,” is my painting subject. I don’t seek something in particular. It comes looking for me. That is my “modus operandi” in a capsule. I paint because I love it! I paint because I must! To describe my painting process in a nutshell, I begin by looking for a stimulating subject, which I must capture by working quickly in order to capture fleeting light. I start with a small value study in pencil, then using a brush with yellow ochre, I draw the subject on the canvas/panel using basic compositional guidelines such as linking dark patterns and making sure to show how the light describes the subject on the canvas/panel. I apply thin, transparent dark colors, and scrape off the excess. Next I look for a spot of the lightest light and follow up by working the in-between values, all the while comparing warms/cools, chroma, etc. In order to capture rapidly changing light, I try to bring whole shebang together within three hours.