Joe Hagan

Joe Hogan has worked as a basketmaker for over 40 years and for the last 18 years he has become increasingly interested in making artistic or sculptural baskets.This work is prompted by a desire to develop a deeper connection to the natural world. He comments “ Rilke talks about us being “the bees of the invisible” gathering the honey of the visible and storing it in the hive of our consciousness. When I make artistic baskets I am trying to rediscover the richness in this store of images. I also hope it will touch the spirit of others in some way.”

He has written “Basketmaking in Ireland” (2001) which explores the indigenous baskets of Ireland and more recently “Bare Branches , Blue Black Sky”(2011), and “Learning From the Earth” 2018, both of which focus on his artistic baskets.

Recent awards include Loewe Craft prize finalist 2018 and overall award of excellence at the RDS National Crafts awards 2015.