John Bowdren

“The coast is my favorite inspiration. The contrasts and tensions along the water’s edge, the movement and interaction of water, land and sky, between man-made and natural objects catches my interest. The echo of people’s presence is important, and I enjoy the lines and designs of small boats…their sense of waiting and use, how they interact with the light, reflections and space speak to my eyes and for what will become an interesting picture.

The quality of light makes Maine a special place, the long lingering summer light is emotionally interesting, as in the fusing of colors in the late afternoon or the way the setting sun will light up tree tops or pick out boats on the water. Each season shows a new face.

The main thing is to convey the quality of the light, seeing in the landscape how color and light can carry that Ah-Ha! moment of discovery and emotion to the viewer.”

John Bowdren graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New in 1982, and moved to Maine in 1992 after living in New York City; Seattle, Washington; and Connecticut. His work has been in many exhibitions.