Joy Saville

Since 1982, the focus of my work has been color and that is where each work begins, with the choosing of color. Something I have seen or experienced… in nature, landscape, theater, art, etc. has prompted a need to capture the essence and to visually say so. From the time the colors are chosen I begin to cut and piece, cut and piece… each work having its own way of coming together and evolving. With the concept in mind, there seems to be an inherent characteristic and direction that unfolds during the process of combining the colors and working with the different fabrics. If I can see and feel this quality of rightness or essentialness at each stage of the construction process, I know I will be satisfied with the results… and am on the right track. It is a building process that involves me intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Being curious about the properties and possibilities of my materials and tools has led me to develop a piecing process that is unconventional and unique. This process allows me to focus on color and form in the composition, instead of the usual repetition of pattern found in traditional piecework.