Katherine Wolkoff

New York-based photographer Katherine Wolkoff’s Nocturne series is dreamlike and mysterious. The works in this series provide close-up, but often blurred views of landscapes and people.

Three of the landscapes from the series are on display at the embassy in Santo Domingo. Each landscape entices the viewer with its combination of information and mystery. They deny the viewer a broader context or orientation, creating an almost abstract quality. Dust rising from a road mixes with a sunny haze, bright spots of sun and splotches of color merge in a close-up view of the leaves of a plant, and a tree is depicted upside down, devoid of any context. Wolkoff says that her work explores “the way the form of the silhouette and the abstraction of scale challenges viewers’ understanding of what they see.” Wolkoff’s deft handling makes what are otherwise readily identifiable natural forms into little more than clues about some larger, complex story.