Kathleen Kalinowski

Kathleen Kalinowski is a painter known for her poetic interpretations of the Michigan
landscape. Her paintings explore the nuances of nature inspired by working outside on
location, en plein air in all seasons. Her award winning work has been accepted into many prestigious regional and national juried exhibitions, and numerous gallery and solo exhibits. Kathleen is an established artist who is widely collected in private and corporate collections. She is honored to be represented by three Michigan galleries.
Kathleen is a life long resident of west Michigan. She lives north of Grand Rapids,
rooted on land that has been in her family for many years. Her vibrant paintings
capture the sense of place and tell the stories of lakes, streams, woods and farms, near
and dear to her.

Painting a landscape, for me, starts with an emotional response to what I am observing
first hand in nature. Often my first response is to the poetic play of light that creates
contrast that will spark the inspiration for a painting. Then I envision the painting even
before I start. The design is composed to reflect the mood and story of that first
inspiration. As I paint, I enter into a mindful place. I carefully consider color harmony
enhanced by impressionistic brushstrokes or the calligraphic marks of soft pastel. I use
two mediums, oil and pastel, to add variety and interest to my art career, each being
equal in importance to me. I choose to portray an intimate portrait of a landscape that is
both engaging and inviting.