Kenneth Polinskie

Ken Polinskie contemplates the self referential through the emotional relationships he establishes with nature as a metaphor, his figurative subjects, and by creating companions for us that authenticate a personal visual folklore. The animals in this exhibition are us. The represent complex predicaments of the human condition and as subjects they truly burst forth and they have no master. Instead they are drawn from interior landscapes and rely on Polinskie’s observation, evidence of myths informed by sentiment, and a deep longing for emotional release.
It makes sense that the fluid medium of hand papermaking and pulp painting allows Polinskie the release he is longing for. As a master of this papermaking medium after some twenty years of practice, the artist is able to control and build informative and painterly washes while expecting accidents to occur along the way. He structures the image by employing systems acquired in the continual pursuit of a vast number of drawings from life.