Kim Karelson

My work deals with the world and it’s life energies. Sometimes I explore the world through painting landscapes in a realist style. For this I usually use oil paint on wood surfaces. Other times I express the energies through abstract painting using acrylic paint or even glass mosaic. Most recently I have begun investigating and documenting the garden with my camera. As I experience the world through art making, I allow myself to explore different media and techniques. For me it’s important not to become overly habitual with my approach. Changing media and genre keeps a freshness to my art making quest.

Art is important because it connects us to ourselves and others. Artists also feel connection to the artists that lived and worked before this time. The work of the masters becomes a foundation and inspiration for those of us working today. On some level each of us seeks to add to the narrative of art history and cultural continuity. I want to display art in public and private environments that encourages the viewer to stop for a moment and consider the essence of our world and our lives here and to feel energetically renewed.