Laura Spong

I play.
I am like a child on the floor with blocks.
Arranging, rearranging,
Adding, subtracting,
Delighting in the shapes,
Until the components fall into place
And create a pleasing visual pattern.

I use ancient symbols and phosphenes
To connect with the world in time.
I use bits of forms and shapes I see around me
To connect with the world in space.
But, mostly I play with color.

First of all …

… I like to paint; it is my passion.

My goal …

… is to portray visually, in a non-objective manner, my own inner journey as I
search for meaning and purpose in life.

My hope …

… is through my work a connection will be made between me and those on a similar journey.

One of my tools …

… is the use of symbols because of their universality, both ancient and modern. I like to use them in an attempt to make “the unknown known.” Circles, triangles, spirals, crosses, Xs, and forms from nature have been in used for decorative and symbolic purposes since the earliest times of humankind.

My vision …

… is that everything is connected. All is part of the whole. From a magnificent landscape to a few blades of grass, each is part of the whole and is equally important. My artworks are fragments of that whole that catch my eye, emotions, or imagination.