Maja Gecic

Installation artist Maja Gecic constructs her pieces using everyday materials and objects that have become outdated. She used damaged pantyhose donated by a local manufacturer for her commission in the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade. The fact that her work is composed of pantyhose with imperfections is central to her work. “Pantyhose is extremely prone to damage and tear and I was interested in the ways this frailty of the fashion material corresponds with the concept of perfection,” she says.

The issue of perfection also relates to Gecic’s personal experience of culture. She did her graduate studies in Finland, a place that she perceived as “perfect” in relation to her native Serbia. Her work is also interested in form, and thus her installation has a highly tactile quality. She uses very textural materials, and enhances their tactility through the processes of unraveling. As such, her exploration of the relationship of perfection and imperfection provides her viewers with a sumptuous experience.

Gecic studied at the Schools for Design in Belgrade, the University of Arts in Serbia, and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. She has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and is the recipient of several awards. She currently teaches at the College of Textile Design, Technology, and Management in Belgrade.