Margaret Biggs

Margaret Biggs, OPA, is a professional oil painter who provides individuals, families, and organizations with contemporary fine art to satisfy their aesthetic, emotional, and intellectual needs. Born and raised on the Gulf Coast, from a very young age she discovered an appreciation for natural beauty and an understanding of the healing effects it can create. In her years traveling the world, Biggs expanded and refined this sense while working in the fashion industry, studying the great works of the masters, and attending school for the arts at UIC in Chicago. It was during this time that she began to channel her own experience and creative energies through paint and brush that since has developed into what is now her own unique style.

Biggs’ comprehensive approach includes abstract, stylized, and representational depictions of landscapes, seascapes, still life, and what she has come to term holistic pieces, catering to a wide range of tastes and applications. By providing fine art originals, prints, commissions, and poetry, she offers highest-quality works for individuals and families, small businesses, corporations, government organizations, and the hospitality and medical industries alongside her serious collectors.

As an active player in the art world, Biggs offers her clients visual solutions, appealing to the decorative market while maintaining her artistic depth and integrity. Functional needs are met fulfilling aesthetic requirements and enhancing living and working environments through design elements and color choice, while her distinct ability to express meaning including the peace and connectedness of nature satisfies emotional needs as well, drawing on the universal human longings for restoration and reflection.

Beyond the self-evident strength and elegance of her art, Biggs’ charisma, intense passion for visual beauty, and purity of heart contribute to her success and reception. Always striving to communicate more than she sees, her work strikes viewers with a depth and tranquility rarely found today. Thus, balancing her aesthetic achievement with an existential significance and intention to heal, Biggs has found a way to accommodate not just the eyes of her audience but their hearts and minds as well. Now based on the Gulf Coast where her journey began, Margaret Biggs continues her legacy as one of America’s great emerging contemporary artists.