Maryam Shirinlou

As he looked well,
He saw himself in the created world
Then he said ‘ whom should I complain of, it’s all from us upon us’
~ Nasser Khosrow

To me life is a constant quest for who I am; for who WE are; for attainment of more awareness. This essence is also the fundamental backbone of my art.
~ Maryam Shirinlou

Maryam Shirinlou was born in Tehran. Following the revolution, she moved with her parents first to France and then to the United States, where she studied art in California. She later moved back to Tehran and became interested in the Persian style of lettering and calligraphy which coincided with her discovery of the plays and poems of the Persian mystics. She started to develop an art form using the bold uncontrolled script to convey her understanding of the fundamental truths latent in mysticism. She stresses that it is not calligraphy, but rather a form of expression, often without specific meaning.