Mindy Weisel

“Some artists just paint their hearts out. Mindy Weisel certainly does.

Though born in Bergen-Belsen—Weisel paints the passion of life, the intensity of the moment. Her richly colored abstracts positively glow. Slashed and dashed with gestural writing and mysterious imagery in dark blacks and crystal blues, greens and reds, these enormous watercolors define emotions ranging from the deepest brooding sadness to gayest laughter. And they are hard to ignore—they draw one in and arouse one’s empathy much the way the elusive calligraphy of Mark Tobey does, or the numinous forms and spaces of Mark Rothko. Weisel’s energy communicates directly, from heart to heart.

‘My whole life is concerned with expressing and capturing the moment,’ says Weisel, who is petite, intense and rarely still, I paint feelings. You can change ideas and thoughts, but you can’t change feelings. You just can’t suppress them. The only things I really trust are feelings.'”

-Michael Welzenbach, The Washington Post

Weisel’s upbringing as the only daughter of Auschwitz survivors has formed the backdrop for her lifelong quest, as an artist and author, of finding hope and light in the face of darkness. In her books, as well as her numerous exhibitions, she expresses her faith in the survival of beauty and the transformative power of art. Speaking from the heart, she is an articulate and moving speaker who inspires audiences to contemplate their own feelings and history – encouraging a fuller, deeper more creative life.