Monica Giglio

Monica Giglio has a canny ability to come up with just the right amount of variation in her tree series to keep audiences enthralled. Her images evoke a mix of poetic mood and intense exuberance, suggesting at once the beauty of nature and the imagery of pop art, the movement that flourished from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, mainly in the USA and Britain and was based on popular culture. Giglio integrates representational imagery with the nonfigurative, the reality with illusions. She sees trees as a metaphor for the life of an individual. In her eyes, the trunk represents the core of a person’s being, who that person is at heart. The roots are their beliefs, their support structure. Organic and abstract shapes in tree branches illustrate transformation, not just once but many times in people’s lives as they must reinvent themselves, change and grow continually throughout life. Even broken branches become part of the beauty and design.

Several works by Giglio have been published in the internationally circulated Welcome Home Magazine, as well as other publications. She has developed art education curriculum for private schools, and teaches private drawing lessons. She is known through both her exhibitions and her commission work, and is also a published columnist and contributing editor at two local newspapers. Her columns in are humorous, uplifting, thought-provoking and inspirational.