Nance Sneddon

Nance Lee Sneddon is an artist and designer who was born in southwestern Pennsylvania. Inspired by the creative women in her life, she painted and batiked fabrics as a girl, sewing them into functional clothing and home furnishings.

After studying with a major in textile design at Edinboro University, she moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in 1978 and stayed for 18 years. While in Hilton Head, Nance developed a line of women`s fine art accessories which included handbags, fashion belts and hand-sewn and dyed clothing. These were sold in boutiques, including Henri Bendel and Art Museum gift stores.

In the mid 1980`s Nance`s work evolved onto large, loose canvases with the look of contemporary tapestry. Nance co-created Moonshell Gallery, a fine arts gallery in Hilton Head in 1990, which represented 25 internationally known artists. She owned and operated Moonshell Gallery until 1997.

Nance moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1996, where she lives and paints full time. Charleston has been a huge influence in her work, with its vibrant light, wonderful architectural shapes, and balmy almost tropical natural beauty.

Nance describes her work as “stylized imagery of nature, full of texture, pattern, and light.”…from large canvases, to wood, metal, and paper, most of her work contains a narrative filled with archetypal symbols, and a weaving of lowcountry images and dreams of travel. Her mixed-medium work combines naive flat design with more complex layerings of block-printing, acrylic brushwork, collage, and oil stick, hand-stitching and bead work. “I am inspired by color, design, natural beauty, creatures, and the hopefulness of spring`s new life.”

Nance`s work recently traveled for four years to United States Embassies in Australia and Jordan as part of the United States Art in Embassies Program. Nance’s work may be seen in many large-scale corporate collection settings, hotels, health care facilities and in private homes across the country.