Nancy Asbell

“‘As an artist, I try to bring a sense of calm to the viewer. Perhaps my style is inspired realism, going a step further to connect on a spiritual level. Coming from an artistic family, I was encouraged to draw and create as soon as I could hold a crayon. I was raised in Gainesville, Florida. After college, I enjoyed a career in music and art. As a military-wife, life took us around the world, giving me a varied backdrop to paint and draw. I stayed busy with commissioned works and teaching art, piano, voice and guitar. I have also enjoyed performing singing with the guitar around town to include my own art showings and Starbucks.

From an early age I was inspired by the classics; Gainsborough, Monet, Winslow Homer, and Van Gogh. Growing up in Florida, I have fallen in love with our beautiful skies, marshes, and wildlife. One of my current series, ‘Florida Horizons’ celebrates this desire to call attention to the Florida that I grew up with, the Florida that is slipping away, and the Florida that is around us everyday. Other current series are ‘Florida Fairways,’ ‘The Heavens,’ ‘Nancy Elizabeth’ and ‘Pet Scans.’ Most of my paintings are originals. I like the viewer to appreciate the one of kind nature of my work in a world of prints and giclees. I paint in acrylics and watercolors because of the versatility of the medium. I like the immediacy of their purest form. ‘Artists block’ is not part of my vocabulary. There are never enough hours in the day to work on my next project. What a great profession to have.”