Norma Alonzo

Life is complicated. We are constantly integrating the push and pull of life. The hardships, the joy, the day to day events that make up our world. Whether it is the experience of our families, good or bad, or the tragedies or concerns of events on a global platform.

Painting for me is an exploration and expression of the feeling, and perhaps the understanding to our state of being. It is a deeply personal intuitive expression of living in these times. My paintings reflect this push and pull, back and forth between opposites. This tension and energy accompanies hope, balance and peace through structure, space and color. It is not always the goal but as in life, we can find moments of balance and connection to our true selves.

Painting allows me to enter and explore my inner world of feelings, consciousness, and reason. I hope my paintings continue to evolve from a deeper place, communicating our shared experience of living.